I Design Database Apps

Automation is Art

FileMaker Pro has won 49 awards in the U.S., more than its next eight competitors combined. No software platform compares for rapid deployment or affordability. Automate a catalog, a set of technical documents, a key process—or perhaps your entire organization.

Formerly a certified FileMaker trainer, Craig Wall is a leader in database automation with an aesthetic touch. Your system will be ultra user-friendly and a joy to use. Nobody else in Alaska provides such a powerful service at this level. This service can save your team thousands of hours in labor.

Automated Catalogs, Videos and Animations

Couldn't be Easier

Your corporate catalog must be repeatedly updated, and you tire of the cost and fuss of endlessly tweaking elements year after year?

Videos, graphics and animations can belocalized by language and customized for various demographics. Each individual recipient can even receive media customized for them.

Together, we got this!

Broadcast and Online Video and Animation

Moving more than Pixels

Ice Cave produces motion graphics for commercial spots, show packages and longer feature corporate video.  

Leveraging elite 2D and 3D animation skill, Ice Cave builds TV and web video with technical precision and a visual expanse befitting a canvas as vast as Alaska. Expect killer concepts and the most sophisticated visual effects in Alaska.

Online Training

Accelerate Your Team's Learning.

Online learning is exploding.  Studies show that visual learning increases the success (and enjoyment) of both instructor and student. The Cave provides professional animation, interactivity and simulations that channel student focus. Your entire training library can be automated with quizzes and performance tracking.

Computer Based Training (also known as CBT, on-demand training or e-learning) has many benefits. It can reduce costs, and convenience. Limitless audiences!  SCORM standardized testing will usher your organization into a new era of learning.

Presentations and Event Media

Business Persuasion that Makes 'em buzz

Having designed over eighty PowerPoint, Director, Flash and HTML5 presentations, Mr. Wall knows about mission critical events. What is the value of your presentation? Does it warrant professional design and craftsmanship?

Tradeshows =The Battle of Attention.
They are like Las Vegas: Loud, showy and the odds are always stacked against you. Ice Cave has prepared dozens of companies for battle at some of the worldʼs biggest shows: CeBIT, CES, Comdex, SuperCOMM and many others.

Your next Virtual Event can enjoy an uplifting energy. That's the specialty at the Cave.

Mobile Apps

The Mobility Train is Leaving the Station

Those who miss the mobile express may get left behind in business. Ice Cave builds custom iPhone and iPad database and presentation apps!

Directly from your iOS device you can monitor your business via a dashboard, and perform the same kinds of business functions as you would seating in front of a PC.

And consider a 30-60 second mobile presentation to share with that key contact you unexpectedly see at the gym. (Happened to me).